Version: 1.0.0

Description: Allows you to create hotkeys on the map and perform various actions when triggered.


  • RPG Maker MV: 1.5+
  • RPG Maker MZ: 1.0+

Requirements and dependencies:

  • Availability of working plugin Full Input version 5.0.0 or above


Install the Full Input plugin ABOVE the Map Hotkeys plugin

Keystroke types:
Pressed - Press a key
Triggered - Press and release a key
Repeated - Pressing a key is repeated (setting the repetition interval in the Full Input plugin)
Long pressed - Long key press (setting the long press time in the Full Input plugin)
Pressed time - Key has been pressed for longer than the specified time

Examples of hotkeys:
1. Open inventory
Key: i
Keystroke type: Triggered
Type: eval

2. Show/hide image with number 1
Key: q
Keystroke type: Triggered
Type: eval
if ($gameScreen.picture(1)) {
} else {
 // pictureId, filename, origin (0 - upper left, 1 - center),
 // x, y, scaleX, scaleY, opacity, blendMode (0 - normal, 1 - additive,
 // 2 - multiply, 3 - screen)
 $gameScreen.showPicture(1, "Actor1_1", 0, 0, 0, 100, 100, 255, 0)

“Help” languages: English, Russian

Terms of use

How to get a commercial license


How to get a PRO version:

  • PRO version is available with subscription on Boosty or Patreon for “Exclusive plugins” tier or above
  • Buy the plugin on Boosty or Patreon
  • Buy the plugin on the website

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