RPG Maker: MV (MZ Version)

Version: 11.2.5

Description: Advanced project testing and various functions.


  • Check Updates – Check for updates of my plugins. Information about updates is displayed in the debugging console.
  • Debug Console – Ability to open the debug console when starting a game test.
  • FPS Meter – Automatically display the fps counter when the game starts.
  • Screen Resolution – Change the screen resolution.
  • Quick Start – The ability to skip the title menu and go to any screen.
  • Quick Load – Quickly load saves from any game screen.
  • Initial Preloading – Function for preloading resources at the start of the game with the ability to display the progress bar.
  • Maps Preloading – Function for preloading resources for each map separately.
  • Screenshots – Ability to assign a key to create screenshots.
  • Errors Log – Logging all errors to a text file so that your users can share with you in case of problems.
  • Tile Size – Change the size of the tile and the folder from where they are loaded.
  • Grid/Ruler – Ability to display a grid of different sizes on top of the screen. Ruler function. The ability to calculate the distance between two points on the screen.
  • Image Cache Limit – Resize image cache.
  • Audio Cache Limit – Resize audio cache.
  • Cursor Graphic – Change the mouse cursor.
  • Print Detailed Error – Change the screen with an error. Additional error information added.
  • Mouse Hover – Allows you to enable selection of list items by mouse hover.
  • Max Savefiles – Allows you to change the maximum number of save slots.
  • Title Menu Command Window – Allows you to adjust the position and width of the command window on the title screen.
  • Title Menu Exit Command – Allows you to add an exit command to the command window on the title screen.
    The command is added to the end of the list.

Preview (Grid/Ruler function):


Requirements and dependencies:

  1. Version of RPG Maker 1.6+
  2. Project version 1.6+

Where is the plugin used:

“Help” languages: English, Russian

GitHub: https://github.com/DKPlugins/DKTools

Documentation: DKTools documentation

Terms of use

How to get a commercial license

Play demo online



DKTools_Demo_MV.rar (3.4 MB)
(Last update: 25 February 2023 09:52)


DKTools_MV.rar (96.1 KB)
(Last update: 07 September 2023 15:15)

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