RPG Maker: MV (MZ Version)

Version: 5.5.7

Description: Localization of game. Translate your projects into several languages.


  • Unlimited number of languages
  • Ability to use different audio/image resources for different languages
  • Use the tags {} to localize a text
  • The text localization is stored in the locales folder
  • Unlimited number of localization files
  • Works on all platforms! PC, mobile phones, browsers!
  • You can translate any parameters of other plugins
  • Saving untranslated tags to a separate file using the plugin command will help you not to forget about something important
  • 2 customizable language selection screens
  • Change of language through options, title screen
  • No need to restart the game to change the language. Everything changes instantly



Requirements and dependencies:

  1. Availability of working plugin DKTools version 11.2.5 or above

Where is the plugin used:

“Help” languages: English, Russian



Version 5.5.7:

  • Added compatibility with DKTools 11.2.5

Version 5.5.6:

  • Fixed compatibility with Video Player plugin

Version 5.5.5:

  • Improved compatibility with other plugins (e.g. Eli Bitmap Font)

Version 5.5.4:

  • Improved compatibility with the YEP_MessageCore plugin. Added special characters for displaying a window with a name (more details in the help)

Version 5.5.3:

  • Fixed bug with updating tags for CSV format.
  • Fixed bug with line wrapping in messages for CSV format.

Version 5.5.0:

  • Added new setting “Scan subfolders”. If you enable this setting, the localization plugin will additionally scan the subfolders in the translation folder, thus allowing you to more conveniently organize the storage of files. For example, before you could only use one folder for the language locales/en/. Now inside this folder you can create subfolders, for example, locales/en/menus/, locales/en/messages.
  • A new setting “Languages source” has been added, which will allow setting the game languages to a separate JSON file in the data folder. This can come in handy to easily add new languages after the game is released.
  • Added settings that allow you to rename the text of the options ON and OFF.
  • Help updated.

Terms of use

How to get a commercial license

Play demo online


Demo (v5.5.7):

Localization_Demo_MV.rar (11.6 MB)
(Last update: 25 September 2023 08:46)


DKTools_Localization_MV.rar (28.0 KB)
(Last update: 25 September 2023 08:44)

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