RPG Maker: MV (MZ Version)

Version: 5.4.2

Description: Localization of game. Translate your projects into several languages.


  • Unlimited number of languages
  • Ability to use different audio/image resources for different languages
  • Use the tags {} to localize a text
  • The text localization is stored in the locales folder
  • Unlimited number of localization files
  • Works on all platforms! PC, mobile phones, browsers!
  • You can translate any parameters of other plugins
  • Saving untranslated tags to a separate file using the plugin command will help you not to forget about something important
  • 2 customizable language selection screens
  • Change of language through options, title screen
  • No need to restart the game to change the language. Everything changes instantly



Requirements and dependencies:

  1. Availability of working plugin DKTools version 10.0.4 or above

Where is the plugin used:

“Help” languages: English, Russian

Terms of use

How to get a commercial license

Play demo online


Demo (v5.3.1):

Localization_Demo_MV.rar (11.6 MB)
(Last update: 24 April 2021 10:36)


DKTools_Localization_MV.rar (25.1 KB)
(Last update: 03 September 2021 11:23)