Plugin update! Mouse System v1.1.0

Plugin description: Allows you to change the mouse cursor, activate events by clicking, hovering, etc.

What’s new:

  • Added the ability to create synonyms for icons. Now, instead of the icon number, you can write its synonym in the comment <hover_icon: talk>.
  • Removed the indent setting for the icon. The icon is now always centered.
  • Added automatic display of the icon when hovering over an event if it has the Transfer Player command. Can be disabled.
  • [PRO] Added support for <hover_image: filename> comment to display an image from the “img/pictures/” folder when hovering over an event.
  • [PRO] Added support for <hover_window: [width|height|text]> comment to display a window with text when hovering over an event.
  • [PRO] Added support for <hover_text: text> comment to display text on hover over an event. The font size is specified in the plugin parameters.

Hover window [PRO]:


Download from patreon

Public release: 26 October 2020

PRO version is available on patreon for “Patrons only” tier or above: patreon