Version: 1.0.6

Description: Compatibility of RPG Maker MV plugins with RPG Maker MZ.

If errors continue to appear in some RPG Maker MV plugin, please contact me. I will try to add a special fix.


1. Install the plugin DK_MV_Plugins_Compatibility
2. Install RPG Maker MV plugins
3. Install special fixes for RPG Maker MV plugins (if any)

How to use plugin commands from MV plugins:


To use plugin commands from MV plugins, it is necessary to select the event command “Script…” and enter the following:

this.pluginCommand (‘command’, ‘parameters’.split (‘ ‘))

Replace the command and parameters with the command name and its parameters accordingly, be sure to write in quotes.

Usage on the example of the plugin MUR_NPC_Go:

this.pluginCommand(‘npc_go’, ‘1 10 10 false false’.split(‘ ‘))

Special fixes:

  1. YEP_MessageCore:
  2. YEP_GabWindow:
  3. YEP_JobPoints:
  4. YEP_VictoryAftermath:
  5. YEP_SaveCore:
  6. MOG_LMBS:
  7. JK_MailSystem:
  8. LNM_LightingTool:

Tested (considering special fixes):

  1. YEP_MessageCore
  2. YEP_GabWindow
  3. YEP_JobPoints
  4. YEP_VictoryAftermath
  5. YEP_SaveCore
  6. YEP_InstantCast
  8. MOG_ChronoEngine
  9. JK_MailSystem
  10. LNM_GameEditorCore, LNM_GameTime, LNM_LightingTool

Doesn’t work (without editing the original plugin):

  1. YEP_CoreEngine
  2. YEP_OptionsCore
  3. YEP_QuestJournal
  4. Ultra Mode 7

“Help” languages: English, Russian

Terms of use

Download (non-commercial license): 

How to get a commercial license